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Do you need Quality Assurance for the development of your app?

Of course you do. Quality Assurance (QA) is the only way of preventing mistakes or defects in developed products and avoiding problems when delivering development solutions.

We are proud of our dedicated QA team and their abilities to find even the least obvious flaws in the performance of the software that we are developing.


  • Black box testing
  • Product testing evaluation
  • Testing documentation: test plans, test cases etc
  • Modelling of possible usage scenarios

So, why do we take Quality Assurance so seriously is because software needs to satisfy a level of quality before it is released. Assuring quality involves running a variety of test cases emulating a broad set of usage scenarios, load factors, environment combinations, edge cases etc. We also really want to make sure that both our clients and end users are happy with the software that we produce.

When measuring the quality of the software - you should answer a few key questions:

  • Is the software uptime exceeding uptime commitment?
  • Are responses times below expected thresholds?
  • Are there any unhanded exceptions reported by the software?
  • What is the number of defects found and reported by end-users?

These questions should provide you with a pretty god understanding of the quality of your software. Never underestimate the power of QA. If you are considering the development of an iOS app - you should note that App Store is a very crowded place with a high competition in all categories. Releasing an MVP to the App Store is not always a good idea because you probably would get a lot of negative reviews and loose the downloads numbers fast. It is best that you release a well-tested app even if it has a cut functionality. It just has to be comfortable for your user and should run flawlessly.

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