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Creating a great app does not quite guarantee the app success. App Store is a crowded place, so you really need to have a good understanding of how to connect with your users and provide them with a relevant and useful solution.

When developing a mobile strategy we would:

  • Identify the size of the market for your application
  • Prepare a competition report for your app category
  • Assist you in creating a conceptual vision of the app
  • Make technical specifications based in your ideas
  • Evaluate the cost of marketing depending on your goals
  • Outline the Key Performance Indicators
  • Adjust all goals to IT capabilities

We treat all app categories as different market segments. Each category has a pool of dedicated users that share a number of behavioural insights. The main objective of developing a strategy for your mobile application is to find the optimal solution and figure out the main KPI's to measure the app success.

Every company is special in many ways. We believe that the unique characteristics must be reflected in all of the company's products. Your app must never be generic.

We study all the aspects of your business including, your product, market, user behaviour, your USP's and RTB's in order to develop a relevant mobile strategy for your product.

The relevancy of your app to your target market ensures the success of your app.

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