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When developing an iOS app one should consider that a good looking and intuitive design is a major factor for app success. The easier and the more comfortable the app is - the more people would be willing to interact with it. A great design is simple yet elegant and functional. We know perfectly well that iOS users really appreciate a good design and that "special" feel of the application.

That is why we don't just simulate the feel of your web application on iOS Device - we make it feel native. Users always feel the difference.

So, basically what we offer in terms of design is:

  • Competitive UX/UI research. We would usually scan the App Store in search of apps similar to yours and run benchmark analysis based on our findings to come up with the best design direction.
  • Sketching. Here, we would do a couple of sketches of the app UI so that you could get the idea of what we are planning to do. Sketching is the best phase to find the perfect balance between your and our ideas about how the should look like.
  • Wireframes. At this stage it is crucial to figure out how the users flow of the application would look like.
  • Mockups. Finally we come up with a detailed look of the app based on all previous stages of design process. This is a phase of final discussion of the design with you our client. We must be sure that you are absolutely happy with the design.
  • Project Management. We also take make sure that all work done during the design process is well-managed to keep up with the project milestones and deadlines.

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