Hi there, ambitious tech entrepreneur!

This could be the magical day you wouldn't forget because we are offering to develop a Free iOS app for your product or service. Yes, that's right, a totally free of charge iOS app that we can develop for you.

To describe the offer in a bit more details: we are willing to develop a mobile app for you. The development will be done by our training centre - a team of bright young developers. Do not worry for the quality of the app because all applications produced in our training centre are always meticulously tested for quality by our QA team.

We have always been religious about the high quality of the software that we produce and we definitely are not willing to start developing poor quality products now.

We assume, you may be asking "Why?"

The thing is that we are strong supporters of tech entrepreneurship. We've been there too, you know.

That is why we have decided to assist young treps by providing them with a free iOS app for their startup. Most tech startups nowadays must have a mobile app to help them connect with their users anywhere, anytime.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. Everything is crystal clear and free of charge.

Can anyone get a free iOS app from d-Studio?

Not really. We'd love to help everyone, but we too sometimes have a lack of resources. We have prepared a document that outlines the key terms of our assistance. You can see the document here.

So what is the catch with this free app development?

There is no catch. We though that combining our activities of bringing the real experience to our young developers with helping young businesses grow is a win-win concept.

Not sure if you qualify for our special startup package? Drop us a line about your product and we will see how we can help you

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