Sociallgreen adds a bit of fun to flat everyday recycling while it offers organizations a way to reward green actions.

Search for a Sociallgreen bin and push the green button to wake him up. Dispose your waste and push the green button again. The bin will generate a unique QR code for you. Use the app to scan it and claim your points. Share it with your friends, win badges and presents.

Be the green leader of your community and contribute for the environment in a social way.

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How it Works

  • Create an account or login via Facebook
  • Collect - Search your place for cans, glass and plastic bottles
  • Dispose - Go to your nearest bin, wake him up and insert the recyclable and it will count them for you
  • Scan - Use the sociallgreen App to scan the QR code which contains your score
  • Upload - The information gets uploaded to our servers and updates your profile
  • Finish - Feel a little better with yourself, you just did the world a small favour