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We at d-Studio believe that RecApp is the most advanced voice recorder app in the App Store. Started as a test project for one of our junior developers, it quickly became a major product for our internal production team. When we had started thinking about things that should have to differenciate our app from a million other voice recorders out on the App Store - we started to realize that we may have a few good ideas and this app could be kind of a big deal.

During the development process, our marketers have interviewed quite a few journalists, bloggers and musicians - the people who use voice recorders in their professional life and found out some interesting insights about what matters to people when it comes to using voice recorders. The team has used the valuable info gathered from the field to make an app that could be really interesting for people who record audio in their everyday activities.

Compare versions to see differences between Free and Pro versions.

The Feature list

  • Add Comments to records to mark the important parts of your record
  • Save your records in appropriate folders
  • Cover the screen while Interview so as not to distract your respondent
  • Search you entire library by record name or comments added
  • Export to Google Drive and/or Dropbox with the comments transcript
  • Open different audio files in RecApp from your iPhone
  • Use the RecApp iOS 8 widget to quickly start recording or access your audio library
  • Share your audio files via AirDrop, Mail, Messages or share directly to SoundCloud
  • Use Dark or Light appearence theme

Use Cases


Recording interviews has never been easier thanks to RecApp. You can highlight the important quotes by simply double tapping on the screen. Putting comments on the recording timeline can radically help you navigate through the whole interview while working on it later.

Lectures and keynotes

Start recording a lecture or an interesting keynote and mark the parts of the recording that may help you recap on it. If you are a blogger and plan to highlight some event or a speech - there is no better tool than RecApp to record it and work with it while preparing your blog post.


Are you in a band? If so - you can benefit from the awesome features of RecApp. Record your jam with RecApp or open a recorded file from the cloud or iTunes in it to make comments on different sections of your song and share it to improve the distant collaboration with your bandmates.