Helicon Remote

We are proud of the design that we were able to produce for Helicon Remote iOS app.

Helicon Remote is a professional software that helps professional photographers control their Canon or Nikon cameras remotely in order to produce incredible photos.

The software automates focus bracketing, exposure bracketing and time lapse photography. Basically, what you get is a full control dashboard over your camera.

The design of the app’s UI required a lot of search for optimal user experience solutions. The app contains controls for extremely precise adjustments of focus, exposure and other settings. This required the creation of a brand new approach to the design of the such controls.

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The few highlights are

The camera exposure controls dashboard:

We have designed a dashboard that conveniently shows the main camera exposure controls for the shooting. The controls are placed within a table. Each cell opens a settings popover for each option for further adjustments.

Focus Adjustments:

The highly precise adjustments required to rethink the controls. We set up 3 levels of sensitivity that are represented by the buttons below. The buttons with tree arrows mean the highest amount of scroll in each direction and buttons with one arrow are there for maximum precision.

Advanced Camera Adjustments:

Helicon Remote is a sophisticated software for hardcore professional photographers. The app allows the configuration of incredibly precise camera adjustments. After sketching and testing out various options we have come up with a set of UI implementations that would be both effective and convenient for professional users.