Baby Music Toy

The first version of the app contains unique 9 toy characters that are complimented with music that was specifically composed for the each character.

Each character was designed and created by our designer. The field tests on little babies have shown that the app does work well by helping distract and amuse babies.

The app has high App Store ratings and great feedback from users.

It is our first product that has been designed to work for the very young ones. Look out for future updates.

The app is Free on the App Store but includes in-App Purchase of additional toy characters.

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The Feature list

  • 9 unique characters with unique melodies
  • Turn Vibration on/off (for additional baby amusement)
  • A timer that can be set for 1, 3 or 5 minutes. A timer can be set to off
  • Shuffle mode for the toys. The toys switch among each other randomly once in about a minute
  • Parental Gates to prevent accidental purchases and other undesirable actions