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One of our principles is to work with professionals of any field of the IT industry no matter whether it is programming, Web design, management, or anything else. Therefore we do not consider a fixed list of vacancies in our company. We are ready to collaborate with everybody who has strong skills, experience, and wish to work. We especially welcome flexible and enthusiastic people who are ready to gain new information, knowledge, and are not afraid of working on challenging tasks. Therefore we say: “Want to work with friendly people fulfilling interesting tasks? You are welcome to contact us!” We are very adaptable in regulation of working conditions with our employees. We are ready to consider ‘freelance’ and/or ‘remote collaboration’ suggestions.

For people working with us we are ready to provide the following additional benefits:

  • Trainings – improving professional skills of our colleagues is one of the main approaches in our company. Therefore, we are always glad when people attend training courses, and, if necessary, are ready to help them in finding and accomplishing the necessary training courses;
  • Sponsorship – we consider it is possible to provide some reasonable sponsorship for our employees. This may include sponsorship for purchasing essential software or hardware, attending special training courses.