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d-Studio LLC is proud to present a new app that was born in the company’s internal production. We believe that we’ve done a great job solving a lot of problems that people have with voice recorder apps.

RecApp is a totally free app that includes no ads and no in-app purchases (though we are planning to upgrade the app with some pro functionality in the future).

So, who would want to use RecApp?

We have created the app thinking about people who use voice recorders in everyday life. The target market may include journalists, bloggers, musicians as well as students who may want to record lectures in colleges or universities.

It is worth mentioning that during the development process, our marketers have interviewed quite a few journalists, musicians and students in order to find out some interesting insights on the usage of voice recorders. The interviews produced a set of interesting results as to the problems that occur while using most voice recorder apps as well as things that people wanted to add to their voice recorder apps.

Started as a test project for one of out junior developers, it quickly became one of the major products for our internal production team. After gaining the information from the users on voice recorder usage habits we quickly started to realize that we have a few great ideas and this app could become a big deal in the productivity category of the iOS App Store.

What sets RecApp apart from the competition?

The number one issue that we have received from our interviewees is the app stability issue. That is why we did rigorous testing of the app putting the device capabilities to the limit. Some tests included making up to 9 hours recording tests, loading devices’s CPU to the maximum, interruptions and other stuff that can affect the program’s performance.

Solving the app stability problem was our top priority and the tests show that we have have achieved some great results with it. Apart from stability side, the application contains a wide set of functionality that may have a lot of benefits for professionals who use voice recorders in their work and leisure.


The other great feature that we believe can be used by the users is adding comments to the records. The user can add comments to the recordings both during the recording and during playback. We have added an extra feature called instant comment that allows the user to add a quick mark anywhere on the track by simply double tapping the screen.


We gave our users the ability to mange their audio files by assigning them to the customizable folders. The colorful buttons in the Recording and Playback screens are the controls that assign the record to a certain folder that has it’s own color.

Import/Export Audio

The user is able to open audio files of various formats (mp3., m4a., wav.) from cloud storage apps (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) on the iOS device. The user can also import any audio files to RecApp audio library via USB from iTunes, Open audio files from emails on the device, as well as audio files shared via AirDrop.

Share records

The users are able to share their records with the comment information meaning that the recipient will be able to open the recording in RecApp on his device and see all the comments in place. In the first version, the app allows to share audio files via AirDrop, Mail, Messages or other apps that support iOS8 sharing extension.

iOS 8 Today Widget

The widget may help users quickly access the list of records as well as initiate the recording in a matter of one swipe and one tap.

The Bottom Line

d-Studio LLC is soft launching the app at the moment to test out all the hypothesis about the functionality that is added to the app. Even after a few days after the launch, we were able to get a good understanding of how the app feels like based on the user feedback that we have received. We are looking forward to bringing the new updates of RecApp to our amazing audience.

The app is available for FREE at

You can also find out more info about RecApp on the dedicated RecApp website

Also stay tuned for updates on RecApp as well as ideas for it's usage

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