p>Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to announce a new version of Knock It. The update is already available on the App Store. Yes, everyone has been waiting for this to happen for a while. Well, now you have it. We've got some good news for all of you.

We've got some good news for all of you. First of all, Knock It will now be available for FREE. We have developed a very delicate in-app purchase system and made sure that you can still complete the campaign without turning to in-app purchases. Though some users may find the some goodies that they can buy for real money quite handy.

Second of all, now you will be able to play Knock It with your friend on one device in a two players mode. A special level pack was designed specifically for two players mode to make the game even more interesting.

You can get the game here. Enjoy, everyone!

by Dmytro Bilkun