Though Google is positioning it's smart glasses as a fully independent device, many users still do not lose hope to make them a kind of accessory for smartphones from Apple. Of course, for that, Google Glass should support iOS push-notifications, yet it was unknown if such integration between these two totally different gadgets would be possible at all, until recently.

According to 9to5mac, a developer named Adam Bell was able to customize the display of notifications from your iPhone directly on the tiny Google Glass screen. In particular, he was able to receive alerts of new messages in iMessage, likes in Instagram and many other kinds of notifications. To show users the system in action, Adam made a two-minute video in which he clears everything out.

Of course, for now, this trick is only possible when using the jailbreak for iOS. The technology giants have been slow to actively make friends with each other. Bell's hack will be available in the nearest future. According to Adam, for that he is planning to launch a special tweak in Cydia.

If a third-party developer was able to integrate the two devices, the engineers of both large corporations will be able to easily implement the long-held dream. This once again proves that at the time of the official start of sales of Google Glass, it will acquire dozens of new features. However, we probably would have to wait at least until next year for that to happen.

by Dmytro Bilkun