The "Featured" section of the App Store includes apps that were carefully selected by Apple's editors. It is quite prestigious to get there because it is almost like the title page that the user sees immediately as he enters the App Store. The featured apps also get much more downloads because users know that those apps have passed the quality control and thus worth trying.

One man, whose name is Dave Eddy, has done an interesting Research on what types of applications fall into the "Featured" section with providing information on category proportions.

The bottom line is this: from 7 February to 7 June 2013, Dave has been collecting information weekly from the main pages of the App Store in 155 Countries. The researcher points out that these figures by no means represent a measure of success, because he didn't take into account such factors as total number of downloads and the possible revenues that might have occured due to these downloads. So basically, the research is quite subjective.

Games and non-Games

It turns out that games account for only 16,8% of all apps on the App Store. Though it is worth mentioning that about 50% of all featured apps fall to this category.

The graph below shows the ratio of games and non-game apps on the App Store. The apps marked blue are the apps that got featured, while grey bars suggest the apps that were not featured. The biggest percentage of games get featured by editors in the Republic of Korea (64,4%), while the smallest number of games get featured in Austria and Germany as well as Russia (36.3%), although they still occupy a large market share. One could say that games are prestigious today.

Distribution by genre

Now let's take a look at the distribution of applications by genre, except for the games. The chart shows the number of apps by category as a percentage. Those that are marked in green are free, and the red parts of the bar represent the paid apps.

The bars are very revealing - Austrian and German editors prefer the applications in the Lifestyle genre (mostly Free apps), the Brazilian editors like music applications and Asian editors choice mostly concentrates on education. The leading categories in Russia include "Education", "News", "Photos and Videos", "Productivity", "Social networks" and "Travel".

Uniqie app features

Brazil unique app features

unique app features in korea

Unique app features in Russia

Games by Genre

The entire "Games" category can be divided into 19 sub-categories. The following chart free games again marked with green, the paid ones are highlighted in red. Here you can see the power of globalization and the unity of mankind - Action games lead almost in all markets, followed by mostly adventure, arcade games and puzzles.

Unique game features US

Unique game features in Russia

by Dmytro Bilkun