Even users who are not familiar with iOS versions and models of iPhone, know that Apple updates the design of their smartphones every two years. Based on this knowledge, it is easy to assume that the next model of iPhone will be equipped with the same design.

There has been a number of various rumours and speculations around the iWatch recently. Yet when two tech news portals are airing the news about it - you really can't miss it. The question here is not about some design ideas but ready-made prototypes.

One of the Not too well-known tech blogs called Macotakara says that Apple has recently started testing 1.5-inch display for their Smart watch. According to rumours, the corporation had a hard time configuring the perfect screen size based on the average human hand size.

At the same time, the Taiwanese newspaper Economic Times reported on the launch of iWatch production on Foxconn factories, the world's largest electronics manufacturer. However, Apple has left an order for a small batch of watches - about a thousand copies. That should be enough for prior device testing in Cupertino at this point.

Apple is very unlikely to announce their smart watches before 2014. We won't see the iWatch at the upcoming WWDC, nor at Apple keynote in Fall. The thing is that the company won't have the time to produce enough units to saturate the market. If at least one-fifth of the rumours is true, engineers at Apple still have quite a lot of work to do in this direction.

We believe that Google and Samsung will not outstrip its rival in this matter. The search giant now has enough concerns with it'd Google Glass. And most of existing smart watches now usually work on Android.

Since all the publications cited their own sources within Taiwanese suppliers, it is hard to convict them of spreading false information. This could only mean one thing: iWatch is not a fiction but a real product which is destined to see the light in the near future.

by Dmytro Bilkun